• Sunday Brunch

    casual pool party with backyard games

    My father, Joe Fehrenbach, and step-mom Marina Fehrenbach will be hosting a casual backyard Sunday brunch the day after the wedding. Monday is Memorial Day, so we are hoping that our friends and family will be able to continue the celebration with us!
    There's a pool, so bring your swimsuit and your best cannonball! There will also be plenty of fun backyard games including Bocce (lawn bowling), badmiton, and lots more. Come prepared for a day of laid back fun in the sun! We will be staying overnight, and anyone who would like to camp out there with us (they have a camper set up, and you are welcome to bring a tent) is welcome.
    Please RSVP for this event (under the RSVP tab).

    Directions to the brunch:
    Here is the address to put into your GPS or mapquest -- it is pretty easy to find!
    1701 Charleston Way, Shelbyville KY, 40065

    Start time approx 11:30 and will go all day/night!

    If you need further help, or get lost, call the Fehrenbachs at 502-633-4104 and we will get you there!

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  • Get Me To The Church On Time

    Old butterfingers here deleted the post I just wrote. So let's try that again. Once more, with feeling, as they say.

    Jessi and I picked up our rings yesterday (they had been residing for safe keeping at the jeweler's). We are very excited about them, but we were already excited about them.

    It's really been a lot of fun the past few weeks with preparation for the big event. Watching Jessi work on decorations is like observing a one-woman craft factory. Creativity and collaboration has always been a central aspect of my relationship with Jessi, so applying it to the wedding just seems natural.

    Today feels like the calm before everything kicks into high gear. Starting tonight, we will begin to have some friends and family start to arrive from out of town. I'm sure the minutes and hours will pass quickly for us leading up to the big day.

    The theme that returns to my thoughts is how lucky we are to have such good family and friends. I'm really looking forward to getting everyone together to celebrate our partnership. I've also thought about those who cannot make it for various reasons, who will be missed. And I've also thought about those loved ones who have passed on, but who will be in all of our hearts.

    That's the theme, but the song that's been in my head is Frank Sinatra's version of
    "Get Me to the Church on Time"

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  • Vegan-tarians...

    animal, vegetable, mineral....

    I've had a few questions from the veggie eaters in our group about the reception meal and whether there will be vegan or veggie food available....
    There will be a wonderful selection of carnivorous, vegetarian, and vegan options available at the reception, so everyone should be able to eat a fabulous dinner that agrees with their diet!

    Added by Jessi on Mon, May 18th 2009

  • Peacock Veil preview

    Here is another sneak peek at the hand-sewn peacock feather veil!

    Added by Jessi on Wed, May 6th 2009

  • Splenderous handcraftiness!

    feathers and sparkles!!!!

    (D.I.Y. = Do It Yourself!)

    From the moment we set the date, the visions for unique decorations have been whirling around inside my head like a glittery peacock feather filled snowglobe. I create custom designed jewlery boxes (nicknamed "Fehrenboxes" by adoring fans), handpainted signs, and small paintings in my workshop year-round, so I couldn't wait to get started on the special, personalized wedding decor!

    I don't want to give TOO much away, since the big day will be spectacular to behold, but I've had more requests for updates on how the planning process is going and what we're creating, so here's a crafty preview on some of the projects we've been cooking up in the craft kitchen....

    Project #1:
    For the past few months we have had the best time getting together each Thursday night at Jynemia Hamilton's house and working on our wedding crafts in her basement craft room. Many thanks to "Neema" (my other mama!) for having us each week and providing wonderful cake and decaf!!! We have been making these paper flowers in white sparkly and peacock colors (thanks Martha!):


    Project #2:
    Last week, we took bunches of the small flowers and attached them to styro balls, making pretty paper rose "kissing balls" to hang about the church. The small paper flowers will be featured in the table centerpieces as well. We are making a few of the larger pom-poms to hang around too, because they are just plain fun, fun, fun.

    Project #3:
    Also in process (for the centerpieces) are vinyl record bowls! When Todd and I met we were both DJs at WRFL 88.1 in Lexington, and getting to know each other's record collections was a big part of the beginning of our relationship. Even though we've pared down our vinyl collection over the years, we still have a record player and a shelf of classic picks that we treasure. (Which you will get to sample when you pick up our Wedding mix CD out of the favor basket at the event--Project #4).
    This is a very eco-conscious project. Vinyl records are getting obsolete as we all pick up our i-pods and download our favorite songs online, but here is a fun, easy, and functional way to recycle and re-use those records, which are certainly plentiful and easy to find in basements and thrift shops everywhere. These will be gifted to guests who would like to take one after the wedding, so if you're looking for a groovy new fruit bowl look no further!

    Project # 5:
    I just finished customizing my veil (part of which is pictured above) with hand-sewn peacock feathers, it is floaty, colorful, beautiful! Brooke Salisbury is also making fabulous peacock hair pieces for the bridal party to wear.

    So that's just a preview of some of the fine unique handmade decorations we'll be featuring! I'm grateful for all of the help I've gotten from friends and family with our custom crafts, and I'm looking forward to sharing the completed vision with everyone here in a few weeks! xoxoxo

    PS - we will still be meeting Thursdays 5/7 and 5/14 for craft night before the wedding, feel free to email me if you are interested in joining us Thursday from 7-9pm and I'll send directions!

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  • Peacock Feather

    A study in fabulousity

    “A thing of beauty is a joy forever...” -- Keats

    Todd and I have chosen to incorporate peacock feathers into our wedding for both the beautiful color palate and bold inspirational qualities. I love peacock feathers, and have used them for good feng-shui in our home for years. Peacock feathers displayed in the home absorb and neutralize bad energy and illness in the air, and have gorgeous “eyes” which keep watchful guard over us. Some negative myths about peacock feathers in the home being bad luck originated in 19th century Western Europe, but the peacock is associated with far greater positive legends and myths throughout most world cultures and traditions. The peacock’s beauty and grace gently remind us to appreciate nature’s beauty surrounding us always.

    Peacock feathers symbolize protection and positive transformation. One legendary peacock trait is the ability to consume and thrive on poisonous snakes and dangerous herbs – symbolically transforming negative energy to positive. In Buddhist thought, as in “The Peacock’s Neutralizing of Poisons” by Dharmarakshita, the ability of the peacock to roam freely in the “Forest of Poisons” is seen as symbolic of the power of an enlightened soul to move through the world unharmed by afflictions. Here the peacock symbolizes enlightenment and the immortality of the soul, life’s journey of self-liberation and awareness.

    In parts of India, peacocks are considered sacred. In Egyptian art, the peacock often accompanies Isis, the goddess of creativity and fertility. In China peacock feathers are associated with Kwan-Yin, the goddess of compassion. The motif of two peacocks on either side of the Tree of Life appears frequently in Persian decorative arts, and a pair of peacocks symbolizes the “psychic duality of humankind,” similar to the role of Gemini in western astrology.

    Peacocks are a symbol of fidelity and the feathers are associated with good luck, harmony, serenity, graceful beauty, peace of mind, relaxation, compassion, and protection – all wonderful qualities that Todd and I wish to honor in our lives and marriage.

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  • Invitations

    color blind groom

    There was a bit of a delay on the printing of the invitations due to the fact that when Ben and I got out the paper, he asked me, "is it supposed to be pink?" To which I responded, "Is it pink?"

    We ordered paper from the French Paper company (that's French as in a family name, not the country). Jessi had picked out "Blue Raspberry" as the color she wanted. But when I actually ordered the paper later I had remembered it as "Razzleberry," and ordered the pink. The sad thing is that with my slight color blindness I actually thought "Razzleberry" was the correct color.

    Anyway, Ben reported from his studio in Midway that he's cooking today with the correct paper we re-ordered and finishing up the invites. The image here is a test Ben made on some scratch paper. Ignore the color of the paper (I know I always do), and that will give you the idea of what we came up with for the invites, which will be in the mail soon (there will be a separate piece of paper that will have info to rsvp).

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  • Invitations and Rings

    Jessi and I did custom rings through Mithril in Lexington. Neither of the rings could be easily classified as "traditional."

    Jessi took her engagement ring, which was given to me to use by my father which belonged to my grandmother, and used the diamonds from that ring to create one, final version of her ring, working the original into a wide, lacy design. Very unique and "very Jessi."

    I had originally, sitting in her brother's backyard in Honolulu one day after proposing, tinkered in my sketchbook with the idea of creating a classy skull ring. I've never been a "jewlery guy," preferring instead more the idea of a single skull ring as an accessory. For me, it's just something of a rock and roll tradition. As we got closer to the reality of getting our rings made, I was thinking of backing off the idea. However, once in the shop, both Ray at Mithril and Jessi encouraged me to make the ring I wanted. I settled on a wedding band that incorporates a small skull, with an engraving of our respective astrological symbols on either side.

    I realize this is a little wild, but there's an art/religious historical precedent to this. Still life paintings, especially 17th cent. Dutch and Flemish, consist of symbolic objects alluding to the theme of Vanitas, which is the transient nature of life (based on the biblical concept of "all is vanity," with vanity denoting a life without God). Martin Luther had a gold ring with a death's head in enamel.

    As an artist, I am concerned and interested with the history of visual symbols and their meanings. By placing also the symbols for our astrological signs, meant more as a shorthand to symbolize Jessi and myself than strictly a belief in astrology, it's a way to represent on my wedding band that Jessi and I will not only be wedded to each other in this mortal life, but are also joining together in a way that goes beyond just the physical world. And...well, it's still a little rock and roll.

    Anyway, Ben Durham, one of my groomsmen, and I are printing the wedding invitations this week on his letter press at his studio in Midway, Kentucky. The press is a Golding brand model built in 1892 (we also printed the text for the cover of my "In Tongues Illustrated" book). Ben is an incredibly talented artist and printmaker. You can view his work at the following link:
    But you then have to search Ben Durham.


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  • Hello!


    Welcome to the wedding website of Jessi A. Fehrenbach and Jesse Todd Dockery!
    We are thrilled and excited about our upcoming wedding, and grateful that you have taken the time to celebrate with us!

    Please enjoy perusing this website, and feel free to leave questions and comments for us!

    Sunday we had a Ladies Bridal Brunch at Ann Richardson's home (mother of the bride) and began the crafting of the decorations. I am extremely grateful for the time, energy, and craftiness of my crew, we're sure to have a sparklin good time on the big day!

    Stay tuned for further updates leading up to the big day!

    Added by Jessi on Mon, Mar 23rd 2009